For over 15 years, we have been helping companies address multiple issues they face in their daily business life in the area of sustainable development, climate change and occupational health and safety (OHS).
By embedding ESG factors in their growth strategy and business processes, companies can remain resilient to external challenges and better position themselves to attract investment even in an unpredictable economic environment.
A deeper understanding of sustainability risks and opportunities and related response measures helps companies focus on the right targets and operate more effectively, while high transparency allows them to feel more confident with partners and earn trust from stakeholders.

  • 15+
    Years serving clients by helping them meet their sustainability, climate change and OHS goals
  • 30+
    Qualified experts with proven track record and subject-matter expertise
  • 400+
    Successful projects delivered for clients from diverse industries

Drawing on many years of professional experience and expertise, we help clients build and implement a robust sustainability strategy and framework aimed at creating sustained business value for clients, partners and all stakeholders.
To survive and even grow in an increasingly challenging regulatory and competitive environment, we help businesses take a comprehensive approach to setting their ESG goals and developing effective solutions, complete with implementation tools and methods, thus driving better value and outcomes and strengthening resilience both in the short and long term.
Our pragmatic approach helps clients respond to physical climate risks and adapt to new markets and settings as the world moves towards carbon regulation.
Our service offering, from measuring your organization’s carbon footprint to identifying and assessing climate risks and opportunities, supporting climate projects and developing a decarbonization strategy, will help you gear up for upcoming changes in carbon regulation, reduce losses in the event of a negative climate scenario, as well as look for potential ways to develop and grow your business.
We help companies to improve their occupational health and safety (OHS) processes, considering the best national and international practices and raising safety culture among their employees. Proposed modern solutions can facilitate companies to make health, safety and environment (HSE) a robust enabler of effective and undisrupted operations and avoid business and reputational damage.
Companies must factor ESG aspects into their lending and investment decisions to achieve a higher return on investment in the long term. At B1, we are well poised to help drive that. We work together with our Financial Services team to advise clients on how to use sustainable financial instruments. We also establish approaches to managing ESG risks emanating from clients’ lending and investing activities.
Companies must understand potential threats to their supply chains, which may be prompted, in particular, by human rights abuse, resource shortages, climate change and adverse corporate governance practices. We advise our clients on managing environmental and social risks across the entire supply chain to help them build a resilient supply chain and robust procurement processes, create brand loyalty among stakeholders and minimize the likelihood of experiencing reputational damage.
To ensure a robust reporting process in compliance with best practices and standards, as well as to provide high-quality disclosures aimed at building greater trust among stakeholders, our experts support clients in verifying their non-financial reports, which may cover either the entire report or certain information contained therein, such as GHG emissions, green projects, etc.
We help companies train their staff members and executives across diverse sustainability aspects, including both broad training and training in specific ESG areas.

  • Maxim Savostianov
    B1 Group Partner

    Sustainability Services Leader, Assurance

  • B1 Group Senior Manager
    Occupational Health & Safety Services Leader, Sustainability Services, Assurance
  • B1 Group Senior Manager
    Sustainability Services, Assurance
  • Aleksander Stepanov
    B1 Group Senior Manager
    Sustainability Services, Assurance
  • Ekaterina Pozhidaeva
    B1 Group Senior Manager
    Sustainability Services, Assurance
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