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13 January 2023
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Amendments to Order No. 24 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of 26 January 2022 "Concerning the Conduct of Routine Monitoring for the Purposes of Supporting Employment" entered into force from 1 January 2023. As well as updates to old forms, the following new forms and procedures for completing them have been approved with effect from 1 January 2023:

  • Report on the introduction of a downtime regime. An employer must inform the employment service of all instances of downtime, stating the reason, within 3 working days of the decision being made.
  • Report on the organisation of distance (remote) work.
  • Report on unpaid leave.

At present, the law does not lay down deadlines for submitting reports on remote work arrangements or on unpaid leave. Specific deadlines can be found by contacting regional employment centres.
All employers will be required to submit the new forms.

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    People Advisory services
  • Lyudmila Sapronova
    People Advisory services
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