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31 August 2022
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On 29 July 2022 the Russian Government published Decree No. 1352 "Concerning Grant Support for Talented Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons Studying at Russian Organisations Which Carry on Educational Activities in the Territory of the Russian Federation".

Under the Decree, arrangements are to be made through the "Russia — an Attractive Place for Study and Work" federal project, which forms part of the "Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation" state programme, for appropriate annual support to be granted to the following categories of foreign citizens subject to the thresholds set by the Decree:

a) 1,500 persons for those studying on face-to-face baccalaureate, specialist and master’s courses:
  • a monthly monetary payment of 13,617 roubles if particular conditions are met
  • acquisition of a voluntary medical insurance policy for the duration of the study period
  • compensation for the cost of accommodation in a hostel belonging to the educational organisation where the citizen is studying

b) 4,000 persons for those studying on face-to-face or mixed-mode master’s and internship courses and on face-to-face postgraduate training courses for academic and academic and teaching staff which combine training with employment activities in the Russian Federation:
  • a monthly monetary payment of 27,234 roubles provided that a grade of not less than "good" is achieved in the relevant academic period

c) 3,000 persons for those studying on face-to-face professional development courses and carrying on employment activities in Russia (the foreign citizen must commence employment activities not later than 6 months after completing the course):
  • payment for further professional development training amounting to not more than 72 academic hours

Foreign citizens in a position to apply for all types of grant support will be able to receive one type of grant support in a given academic year.

The Decree lists the following main criteria for receiving such support:
  • absence of Russian citizenship
  • employment within Russia
  • a grade of at least "good" in the relevant academic period

Lists of applicants for grant support will be approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

The conditions for granting such support may be amended in the future by acts of the Government of Russia.

B1 is continuing to monitor the situation and will keep you informed of any further developments in the law.

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