Six key changes to migration law regarding HQSs effective from 2024 + action plan for the future

21 February 2023
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It is not long since the measles vaccination campaign for foreign staff came to an end and a new form was introduced for the filing of HQS salary statements for the fourth quarter of 2023. Now, employers are already facing new challenges.

We have put together a summary of important changes related to HQSs that have either already come into force since the start of 2024 or are due to take effect in the near future. We also present key points from the Action Plan for the Implementation in 2024-2025 of the State Migration Policy Framework, which will determine future changes in this area.

Please check whether you are aware of and ready for all the changes.
What next?

The Action Plan for the Implementation in 2024-2025 of the State Migration Policy Framework of the Russian Federation has been adopted[3].

Highlighted below are key points of the plan which may be relevant to HQSs:

  • Proposals are to be prepared for extending the range of visas issued in electronic form (including work visas).
  • It may be made possible for a person to change the purpose of his stay in Russia without leaving the country.
  • Proposals include creating digital profiles of foreign nationals; conducting an experiment to collect biometric data of foreign nationals at Moscow airport checkpoints; evaluating the process of using biometric data stored in a unified biometric system to verify the identity of foreign citizens at border checkpoints; issuing a foreign national identity card, conducting state genomic registration and voice recording of foreign citizens.
  • The creation of a consolidated register of foreign employees and an integrated platform to hold data of the Internal Affairs Ministry, the Federal Tax Service and the Federal Labour and Employment Service which are needed to improve the efficiency of immigration and tax control.
  • The formulation of proposals to increase penalties for violations of Russian law by foreign nationals.

B1’s Migration Team will continue to monitor legislation and related practice and keep you updated on important issues. Should you have any questions about the changes or need our assistance, please contact us.

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